Conservative Candidate for Montana House District 92

Condon, parts of Seeley Lake, Greenough, Potomac, Bonner, East Missoula & Lower Rattlesnake

thriving over surviving

The Districting & Apportionment Committee finalized redistricting last year. This puts HD92 in a much different space than previous years when it comes to registered Republicans. The redistricting took out rural areas such as Clinton & Seeley Lake and replaced those areas with Lower Rattlesnake. My opponent previously represented a completely different district in the city of Missoula for 3 terms...I think that's long enough and we need some younger representatives with new ideas. This district was over 85% democratic. Does my opponent really have experience listening and working with both sides of the aisle? 


The redistricting has put both Republicans and Democrats in an awkward postion, as I truly believe rural and moderate democrats are different than many democrats in the city of Missoula. Being a liberal used to mean you stood for liberty, and conservatives believed in conserving that liberty. It was a common sense relationship.The Democratic Party has moved away from what being a liberal actually means. Instead of promoting liberty, the party now promotes government control. Whether it's your kids education, your money or your speech, they want control. That is the opposite of liberalism. Government doesn't belong in peoples everyday lives. Both Republicans and Democrats are being taxed to death by mill levies. 


I believe we can bridge the gap between Republicans and Democrats. On the Swan Valley Community Council, fighting against POWDR Corp, I saw firsthand the amazing results of what we can do when we work together. There is more common ground we can find together.


Opponent Voting Record

I believe moderate and rural Democrats can side with Republicans on a lot of these bills. We agree that we want to create job opportunities and create tax cuts. We believe in free & fair elections. We believe that children should not be transitioned, as it should be their choice as an adult. We believe in free speech. We believe in the 2nd amendment. We believe that building codes should not restrict the American Dream of building a home. My opponent does not! 


Pro Business

HB 212: Raised the business equipment tax exemption from $300,000 to $1 Million

-My opponent voted NO. With the current job losses in HD92, especially those in the lumber industry, we need to provide tax exemptions on equipment. These tax exemptions help businesses employ more people rather than pay more taxes. I would have voted Yes. 


Free & Fair Elections

HB 712: An act revising election laws to prohibit illegal aliens from voting in Montana. 

-My opponent voted No. This is common sense democracy 101. American Citizens should be the only people voting in our elections. With the collapse of our southern border, we cannot allow illegal aliens to vote in our Montana elections. I would vote Yes. 


Transitioning Children 

SB 99: An act providing for a youth health protection-Prohibits medical and surgical procedures to treat minors with gender dysphoria. 

-My opponent voted No. I believe that the transitioning of children is disturbing and making a life altering decision should be made by those people at 18. I made a lot of mistakes growing up, and I'm sure many of you did too. Lets give these children a chance to make that decision on their own when they become adults! I would vote Yes. 


Free Speech 

SB 270: Prohibits employers from firing employees for legal free speech on social media 

-My opponent voted No. She believes that what you do at home and in your free time should hurt your livelyhood. This goes back to old school liberals vs todays "liberals", they want control of every aspect of your life. I believe that free speech should be protected at all costs, especially in your home. I would vote Yes. 


Building Codes

SB 406: An act prohibiting local governments from adopting building codes that are more stringent than state building codes. 

-My opponent voted No. This is a big problem in Missoula County that encompasses HD92. Our building permits are down almost $40 Million from the previous year. I hear all the time from community members how hard it is to build in Missoula County, this needs to be fixed. Missoula County is one of only five counties with their own building requirements in the state. I would vote Yes.


2nd Amendment 

SB 359: An act prohibiting tracking of firearms sales by financial institutions. 

-My opponent voted No. Financial institutions have no right to track gun purchases. Nowhere in our 2nd Amendment does it say that banks have the right to track your gun purchases. I would vote Yes to protecting your 2nd Amendment rights.